Do you hate sitting on a brick?  Are you tired of constantly patting one of your ass cheeks while walking around in large metropolitan areas?  Pat no more.  The Slim Slimmy is the perfect wallet for people living an unconventional mobile lifestyle.

Initial Impressions

I had been bumbling around with a traditional bi-fold for a while, and it was quite literally a pain in the ass.  The concept of a front-pocket wallet is great because you don’t have to sit on it, and it’s harder to steal, unless you’re faced with a particularly audacious thief. 

Anyway, I didn’t have much in my wallet to begin with, so when I saw the Slim Slimmy online, I fell in love.  I realize the irony of buying a wallet and it feels weird, but this thing was made for me.  There was no point in having all that extra space when I wasn’t using it.

The Slim Slimmy definitely has some elegance about it, whether it comes from the simple design or quality leather I’m not sure.  But I have a feeling both have a little something to do with it.


This is the ultimate utilitarian’s wallet.  It has three flaps, each about the perfect size for a credit card, driver’s license, or business card.  I think a comfortable cargo for the Slimmy is two cards in each flap.  I also keep a bit of cash and my to-do list in the front flap, and there’s still enough room to stick a couple of business cards in the back if I have a chance meeting.

This system makes everything so easily accessible.  It’s always humorous when I have to wait on everyone else to pay at a restaurant.  The Slimmy always gives me the quickest draw.  It’s situations like these where people want to examine it to make sure it’s a real thing.

The simplicity aspect is rather obvious, just by looking at the pictures, but the peace of mind is something you can only grasp after walking through a large municipality with the Slimmy safely stowed in your front pocket.  If you’re a traveller abroad, you know how much of a pain it is to replace credit/debit cards, residence permits, and the like.  This wallet makes it a non-issue.


I believe I’ve had this thing for close to two years now, and it can’t be stopped.  There’s nary a scuff.  The leather is full-grain cowhide, so you can expect the Slimmy to last until we’re walking around with identification and debit chips inside of us.

The Bottom Line

This is a short review, because the Slim Slimmy is a wallet, and it is a very simple wallet.  Not a lot of moving parts to speak of.  I think it is one of those few products that was meant to exist; someone just had to see it in a chunk of leather and release it into the world.  Yes, I’m comparing the creator of the Slim Slimmy to Michelangelo.  It’s just that good.

Rating: ★★★★★

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